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Truck Shower

Pricing: $125 + shipping

Nice hot showers. Love those.

Of course, when you're out exploring the wilderness, showers can be few and far between. Often times that is fine - there are opportunities for hot springs, lakes, and creeks - any of which can make a great place for lathering up and taking care of some of the sweaty grime that can build up.

But sometimes it'd still be nice to have a warm shower. With the truck shower, you can. Made from black ABS tubing, the truck shower holds a little over 4 gallons of water, which can heat up when left in the sun.

Pressurized with your on-board-air, you can then use the included hose and sprayer to freshen up. Or wash dishes. Or whatever!

The truck shower comes with:

  • 4+ gallon capacity
  • 2" fill hole to refill with water
  • adjustable pressure relieve valve
  • quick-connect 5' of hose with sprayer attachment (the shower head)
  • valve stem (like your tires) to pressurize the shower

Easily attaches to a bed or roof rack using band/hose clamps, not included.