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4Runner Stainless Brake Lines for Tundra Brake Upgrade

If you're working on a Tundra brake upgrade for your 3rd gen (96-02) 4Runner, one of the things you'll want to do is to upgrade the rubber brake lines that run from the frame to the spindle to stainless steel.

This is a good idea in order to improve brake pedal feel. Already with the larger 13WL calipers, you are adding additional volume to the system. By upgrading to stainless steel lines, you can reduce the expansion of brake lines when the pedal is pressed and the system is under pressure.

Of course, other vendors sell stainless steel lines, but they charge way too much money. You can buy them from Wheelers for $60+shipping, or get them here for nearly 20% less.

Standard Gray $50 +shipping
Awesome performance at the lowest price.
Red $55 +shipping
Looks fantastic with red powder coated calipers or red coilover suspension.


Insurance $5.28
To keep the cost as low as possible, the prices above don't include insurance. I've never had USPS lose (or not deliver) a kit, or wreck it in transit, but I'm sure there is always a possibility. If you'd like to add insurance to you order, you can.
Shipping to Canada $25.00
Live north of the border? I can ship to Canada, but it's not cheap (sorry!). Add this item to your cart to cover the additional expense.

Brake line color options: